Post & Telecom Minister closes second conference of Somali Network Operators Group


(Mogadishu, 24 November 2017) The Minister for Posts, Telecom and Technology, H. E. Abdi Ashur Hasan, has officially closed the second annual conference of Somali Network Operators Group (SOMNOG), held at Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu.

The two-day conference was attended by around 100 representatives from telecom operators, ISPS, universities, Ministry of Posts, Telecom and Technology, technology companies, students and individual ICT professionals from across Somalia. The conference participants had discussions about current status, new technologies and trends.

Engineer Abdullahi Behi Hussein, SOMNOG chairman, told that this is a forum for ICT professionals in Somalia. He added that the main purpose of the conference is to help technical managers and staff share and update technical knowledge to promote Internet construction, operations and management in Somalia.

In his closing remarks, the Minister thanked the organizers for the wonderful event that brought together ICT professionals in Somalia. He said the conference comes at a time that Somalia’s first Communications Act has been signed into law by the President and is expected to regulate the sector.

“We are working to create a knowledge-based economy based on ICT because that is what can fast track Somalia’s development. We would like to encourage local universities work with the business sector to make their ICT courses in line with the skills required in the country”.

The Minister finally thanked the sponsors of the conference, namely SomTel, Somali Optical Network, Premier Bank and City University for facilitating this year’s event.


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