As it becomes easier to do our jobs thanks to technological advancements, people are increasingly flexible in where and when they put in their work hours.


This has led to a rise in the number of people interested in and pursuing work-from-home options. Telecommuting has many advantages, including allowing workers to save money on transportation costs, spend more time with their families, and establish their own work hours.

It’s not possible to work from home in every industry, and certain professions are more suited to telecommuting than others. Here is a list we made of the best 15 remote jobs you can do in 2023. There are a variety of positions available, some of which are appropriate for recent graduates or those just starting out in their careers, while others may call for more experience.

Many workers have been forced to work from home as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Some people are looking for work from home opportunities for the first time because they’ve recently lost their jobs. While it’s true that a lot of people have lost their jobs, plenty of others have found ways to thrive despite the gloom.

Top 15 Remote Positions to Have in 2023
Designer and Developer of Websites.
Salary $59,343 per year on average

Web designers and builders create and maintain websites. As a result of the high demand for their services, many web developers work for advertising firms or large corporations with multiple websites, but they can also work independently. In order to do a good job as a web developer, you need to have experience and training. One of the few high-paying work-from-home options, though.

Second, a visual artist.
In the average case, one can expect to earn around $45,060 per year.

Logos, unique illustrations, and website landing pages are just some of the things that graphic designers work on. Graphic designers can do their jobs effectively from home because they often work independently while using design software. Even though many businesses employ Graphic Designers full-time for in-house projects, many designers instead find work on freelance platforms like Upwork.

Third-tier customer service agent.
Annualized compensation averages $38,604.

As a rule, CSRs’ duties consist of fielding customer emails and phone calls. Representatives in the Customer Service department may be asked to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as processing returns and assisting customers with technical issues. Many companies let their customer service representatives work remotely since all they really need is a phone line and some kind of customer relationship management (CRM) software. In spite of the fact that some customer service positions, especially those that are more technical in nature, may have stricter requirements, many of them offer paid training even to those with no prior experience.

4. An electronic helper.
Compensation: $40,974 on average per year

Meetings, contacts, and emails are just some of the tasks that virtual assistants handle. The term “Virtual Assistant” refers to workers who complete their duties from afar via various forms of electronic communication and scheduling software. Virtual assistants can provide one-on-one assistance to a busy executive or group administrative support for businesses without a physical location. Similarly, this is another occupation that can be done on a freelance or full-time basis from the comfort of one’s own home.

Manager of Social Media Position, No. 5.
Compensation: $50,661 per year on average

Managers of a company’s social media accounts are responsible for interacting with customers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Managers of a company’s social media presence can assist in the development of promotional strategies and the expansion of the company’s fan base, both of which contribute to increased sales and market penetration. Managers of social media accounts typically use reporting tools to assess the efficacy of their strategies and determine the best ways to interact with their audiences.

Since so much of today’s online retail is driven by word of mouth and peer recommendations, Social Media Management is a crucial function for businesses of all stripes. It’s not uncommon for a social media manager to work remotely with the help of online meeting tools, despite the fact that they’ll likely be collaborating with the rest of the marketing team.

6 – Content Creator.
Regular pay: $45,377

Authors in this field research specific topics in depth to produce high-quality articles for online media. While some Content Writers work for multiple companies under separate contracts, the majority are independent contractors. Since most of a content writer’s job entails solitary pursuits like reading, researching, and writing, they are frequently granted the option to do so. To be successful as a Content Writer while working from home, you need to have strong writing skills and a good working knowledge of a particular industry.

Position #7: Health Care Transcriber.
A typical salary is $32,673 per year.

In order to save time while providing patient care, doctors and other medical professionals frequently dictate their notes. All these observations, however, must be documented in writing in order to keep complete and correct patient records. This is where the expertise of Medical Transcriptionists comes in.

They listen to dictations and transcribe them into reports for the medical field. Typing speeds of at least 40 words per minute and familiarity with medical terminology are typical requirements for transcriptionists. The nature of the work necessitates quiet and solitude, making a home office an ideal setting.

8. a keeper of financial records.
The typical salary is $42,940 per year.

Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed financial records of a company’s income, expenses, and other financial activity throughout the year. Bookkeepers may also be responsible for handling payroll and dealing with AR and AP. A bookkeeper may be employed full-time by a single company, or they may split their time between several smaller companies. Bookkeepers are not required to have a CPA certification, but they are expected to have an Associate’s degree in accounting or business administration.

Data Entry Operator #9.
Monthly income: $33,562

In order to populate a database, data entry clerks compile information from a wide range of sources. Although this is an entry-level position, it does require a keen eye for detail as well as familiarity with databases and perhaps other online resources. Due to the accessibility of data via computer and internet, many data entry clerks are able to work remotely from the comfort of their own homes.

As a tenth, a travel agent.
Salary average is $39,820 per year.

However, travellers with multiple stops or businesses that book large volumes of business travel still benefit from the services of travel agencies, even though many vacationers now book their own trips through online booking sites. Package deals that include lodging and transportation can be difficult to find, so some vacationers turn to travel agents for assistance. Because most of a travel agent’s interaction with clients occurs over the phone or via email, it’s possible for them to do their jobs from the comfort of home. Companies like American Express Global Business Travel, which employs thousands of agents, recognise the value of having remote workers. It helps to have experience working in the tourism sector.

Online Tutoring Sites, No. 11.
Salary data show an annual mean of $36,842

Online tutors assist students by delivering lessons, exams, and educational materials via video conferencing tools. Students are willing to pay for the services of an online tutor because they typically have specialised knowledge in a given area. It’s common practise to pay tutors by the hour. Freelance tutors make up one segment of the online teaching industry, while services like Skooli and TutorMe provide opportunities for the latter.

Virtual employment agency 12.
Compensation: $50,152 per year on average

A Virtual Recruiter is a person who works remotely and uses online platforms like LinkedIn to find qualified candidates for open positions in an organisation. Virtual Recruiters are people who inform qualified candidates about job openings via video calls, email, and other online communication tools rather than by physically meeting with them.

It’s not uncommon for large companies with frequent hiring needs to employ a full-time Virtual Recruiter to reach out to potential candidates with an offer or to oversee the constant influx of applications. Telephonic job interviews are a common practise for virtual recruiters.

Author of grant proposals, number 13.
Annualized compensation averages $48,667

When it comes to professional writing careers, grant writers are in a category all their own. Grant Writers are responsible for researching and applying for funding opportunities on behalf of their employer. A common practise among nonprofits is to employ Grant Writers to help with their fundraising. It makes sense to hire a professional writer to complete the proposal, as this is one of the most difficult parts of the grant application process. The flexibility to work remotely is a major perk of this position.

Animator, number 14.
Salary levels are generally between

Web videos, commercials, educational resources, video games, and other media all benefit from the work of animators. An in-depth knowledge of production processes and many years of experience are necessary for a career in animation. Nonetheless, now that all animation tools are digital, animators can work from the convenience of their own homes for studios or for their own clients, all while potentially bringing in a six-figure annual salary.

While many animators focus on either 2D or 3D, some are able to switch back and forth between the two. Pay for Animation jobs varies greatly due to the wide variety of animation styles and expertise required.

Translator, number 15.
Salary levels average $48,916 per year.

Translators are responsible for converting content from one language into another, whether it be oral or written. Being a translator requires fluency in not one, but two languages. No matter how hard someone tries, they cannot translate something accurately unless they have a very high level of proficiency in both languages.

Google Translate and other similar online tools can assist with text translation, but they are not perfect and cannot replace a human translator. Even in teleconferences between people from different countries, translators may be required.

The advent of email and teleconferencing software has made it possible for many translators to work remotely.

Commonly Asked Questions: What are the best paying work-from-home jobs?
Some of the highest paying work-from-home jobs are listed on as:

Manager of Senior Products.
Managing Business Development is the job title.
Sales Management Expert.
Developer, Front-End.
The Head of Marketing.
If I want to start a home business in 2023, where do I start?
Work from home opportunities may be suitable for you if you have a job that can be performed using a computer and an internet connection. Look for openings that suit your qualifications on online job boards.

Is it possible to make money from home, and if so, what kind of jobs are there?
Yes. There is a growing trend of companies, including Amazon, that are offering remote work options.

Do you know of any good remote jobs I can do from home?
Maker of Websites.
Creative Artist who works with visuals.
Agent in Charge of Attending to Customers.
Helper Bot, or AI.
A Manager of Social Media.
Writer of Articles or Content.
Work as a medical transcriptionist.
In what ways can I do remote work for Amazon?
To learn more about current remote work opportunities at Amazon and to submit an application, visit their virtual locations page.

Where can I find information on how to make $100,000 while working from home?
Jobs paying $100,000 or more are sometimes available at fully distributed companies like Buffer, Toptal, Stripe, Zapier, and others if you have experience in a high-paying technical field like web development or programming.