Turkey, Qatar & Ethiopia’s ambitions for Somalia’s resources – Development or Risk?


The Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Parliament approved the Petroleum Law of Somalia in early 2020, this accelerated law preceded by other important laws such as the Electoral Law, and last week the ousted Federal Government approved the establishment of the Petroleum Authority following the completion of the law Petroleum.

The Council of Ministers, at its meeting last Thursday (July 30, 2020), approved investment agreements between Turkey and Ethiopia, which were not disclosed or disclosed.

The speed of movement is going on in the subtle use Khayiraadka & Petroleum Somalia has a strong standing sharuucdiisa murran and agreements with foreign governments pushing back its peace and life of the end time.

Turkey and Somalia’s Petroleum
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this year revealed that the country invited to participate in the exploration of oil in the country, and was due to Turkey recently hosted a conference looga will be cooperation and we can expect participation of the President Somalia Farmajo, Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed and Emir of Qatar Thani.

Turkey is currently waging a military campaign in Libya with the Tripoli government over an oil deal, which has fueled tensions and fighting in Libya, and is strongly opposed by France, which is currently campaigning under pressure from the European Union.

The Turkish military has its largest base in Africa in Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu, where it trains federal government forces, including the so-called cheetahs, which report directly to Villa Somalia.

There have been recent reports that Turkey and Qatar want young Somalis trained in Eritrea to be sent to Libya to take part in the fighting there, although this has been denied by the Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Qatar and Somalia’s Petroleum
The Qatari royal family, which is said to have funded President Farmajo’s election campaign, is one of the main driving forces behind Villa Somalia’s domestic and foreign policy, and Qatar is also interested in oil and gas in Somalia’s territorial waters.

Qatar, meanwhile, continues to play a role in what has been called a “start-up” between al-Shabab and the federal government, although the plan has not yet been successful.

Doha is believed to play a key role in the great relationship between Villa Somalia and Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia and Qatar

The Qatari government has strengthened ties with Ethiopia in recent years, and in 2017, two months after the election of President Farmajo, the Emir of Qatar made his first visit to Addis Ababa.

Qatar wants to invest in Ethiopia’s agriculture and compete with the UAE for regional influence.

Abiy Ahmed paid an important visit to Qatar at the end of 2019. The issues discussed were trade and the situation in Somalia.

Ethiopia and Somalia

President Farmajo said that there will be an agreement, cooperation and trade integration with the government of Ethiopia, the government of Somalia said that an investment agreement for four ports in Somalia with the government of Abi Ahmed, the agreement does not specify where Ethiopia will invest and where the country. In Somalia.

2020/21 Elections and Farmajo’s Future
The president of Somalia Mohamed and efforts are just as another post could be seeking contacts in Turkey, Ethiopia and Qatar to use elections as selling efforts to be the leader of the only established contracts issued with countries .

Progress or Halis Horleh?
Nevertheless murran strong standing rules adopted by the American Petroleum Council of the People’s Government in the county are members of the Federal Government, a non-proportional sharing agreement the Federal Government and the member as defined in the Constitution.

The current political instability in Somalia remains unclear if President Farmajo persists in his bid for re-election.

It is also in the interest of Western countries, which are the largest donors to the Somali government, who have long been greedy for Somalia’s resources, the main donors to AMISOM forces protecting the Federal Government of Somalia.

It is certain that Somalia needs to take advantage of the God-given resources that can bring development to this ruined country, but the great danger is that this competition of foreigners for these resources can lead the country and the people of Somalia to a different conflict. already in the country.

B/ Y Mohamed Osman

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