4,500 Mogadishu residents asked what they think of the Somali government


4,500 [4,500] members of the community in Mogadishu, were asked what they thought 3 and a half years later whether the Somali Government had fulfilled its mandate, but what were the hopes and aspirations of the people at this time.

The poll, conducted by one of the country’s leading organizations, declined to be named. Respondents include members of the public, including; students, teachers, doctors, businessmen, politicians, public transport drivers and marketers.

Opinions vary, and people have asked not to be named for security reasons, we quote from several people.

School Teacher:

“The truth is that these men who are leading the country today are the most beloved in this country. They are men who are beginning to rule. I think they should be re-elected, because during their tenure, they have shown what they have done. We have tested their performance in the areas where the screams are taking place.


“Somalis have unknowingly mocked Farmajo. It is a tradition for Somalis. Somalis should know, the leader must meet a number of conditions; These criteria include: being fair, courageous, eloquent, patriotic, truthful, and familiar with Somali culture and how Somalis are intertwined, powerful and able to stand up for Somalis. Does Farmajo have these characteristics? He misled us with patriotic rhetoric, and the first step he took was to hand over a Somali citizen to an arch-enemy, he said; I will fight anyone who thinks differently. Hassan Sheikh had both a good and a bad history, and yet he had a good character which was; He allows public criticism and condemnation. Have you ever seen Farmajo stand up to the public for questioning, and why? Because I don’t have the confidence he can answer if a question is asked. So I think there is no worse government than this.


“A government structure is in place. Both enemies and allies acknowledge that Somalia has regained its prestige. If we want to see Somalia regain its status and prestige in the world, we must stand by this Government. It takes me to support those who have closed the doors to the enemy.


“Government, can you tell me what its job is?” We need to first make our people understand what government is.? Individuals Government lead by it when they took the lead in the international arena is a property of their own, that are inaccurate, the fact that they are part of the community, the seat remote into, and require them to come up with a plan clear and realistic, as they sit in front of the community, share, question, and set a specific time for the work they are doing, when the time is up and be held accountable again, the main part of holding the Government accountable is who should It works in the media, and the media is owned by those who then fill their mouths, as long as the mind is hungry for freedom and success as long as we are in the sky. We’ve seen them before.

University Student.

“This government, unlike previous governments, is led by a cohesive team. To do something is more important than working to stay in place for a while, to do that they are doing everything they can. their motto is; If you have a different opinion from me, no matter how much I can fight you, nothing will stop you. What they are doing is a culture of dictatorship. 5 good schools or 5 hospitals that you have built for the community and they can provide essential services. In Mogadishu today only a person with money can get a doctor. ”

Public Transport Driver

“Has the government done anything or not? If your question is, I say yes, it has done something, but if you ask me, has it done what it promised?” My answer is no.

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