The meeting was attended by the Chairman

Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation Ahmed Farah chaired a meeting on the security of Aden Abdulle Airport in Mogadishu.

Banadir Region, the Mayor of Mogadishu, the Director General of W.G.D.H, Security Officers, the Airport Authority and other officials from the organizations operating at Mogadishu Airport, and discussed how to improve the security and beauty of Aden Abdulle Airport.

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, who spoke at the meeting, praised the organizations for their role in the work of the airport. He called on them to redouble their efforts.

“I commend the security agencies for their duty of security and safety of citizens departing from the airport and arriving at the airport. I am ordering to strengthen the security of Aden Abdulle Airport,” said Durraan Ahmed Farah.

The conference also focused on the beauty of the stadium and everyone who has a station inside the stadium was called to decorate their station.

“We have suggested to the different centers that operate in the airport to improve the beauty of their areas because the airport is the mirror of the country,” said Minister Durraan Farah


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