Abdirizak Ato re-appointed as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister


C / Thin plot has been reported that over appointed Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, after last month looga took the position after he was accused of abuse of power up and cause a sustained war in Somalia.

President Farmajo is a powerful figure in the presidency, having served as Deputy Director and Assistant Fahad Yassin during his tenure as Director of the Presidency.

Yahye Ali Hareri, a former adviser to former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, was recently ousted from his post by security forces.

This sparked a crisis in Villa Somalia, but President Farmajo intervened and fired Abdirizak Ato, who had been appointed a few days earlier, and returned his car to Yahye Ali Hareri.

Other reports indicate that three senior advisers in the Prime Minister’s Office have been transferred to other government ministries, including Yahye Ali Hareri, according to sources, following fears of a reshuffle. married to Abdirizak Aato and returned to work.

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