Abuja Journalist Arrested & No evidence of murder


The Somali Armed Forces court has begun the trial of journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur (Abuja) who was detained for five months by the National Intelligence Service (NISA).

Abuja has been charged with the murder of a woman called Baxsaney Abdi March this year, the agency NISA six witnesses for the case, all of which meet the stated nothing about the case, fate could prove to Abuja was involved in the killing.

Journalist Abuja told the court that the charges against him were fabricated, and asked the court to convict him if he committed a crime, otherwise he would receive justice and be released.

One of the NISA witnesses testified in court that he did not swear anything he did not see and did not know about the case, but the prosecution insisted that the journalist had committed the crime, without providing full evidence.

The three witnesses who were expected to prove their guilt against the journalist denied any knowledge of the charges, and one of them made contradictory statements in court.

The chairman of the Court Martial, Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, who closed the session today, said they would announce the court’s decision later.

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