Egypt’s military said Saturday that a jihadist strike in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula killed at least 11 personnel, including an officer.

According to the military, militants assaulted a water pumping plant east of the Suez Canal on Saturday. It did not provide any other information on the site.

Security troops clashed with the attacking militants, according to the statement. According to the report, at least five other personnel were injured in the attack. It claimed that troops were pursuing the militants in a remote area of Sinai.

Saturday’s ambush, one of the worst strikes on Egyptian security personnel in recent years, was claimed by no one.

The act was condemned and criticized by Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom reaffirmed its support for Egypt in the face of all threats to its security and stability, according to a statement released by the foreign ministry on Saturday.

The ministry also expressed gratitude for the Egyptian armed forces’ efforts to combat terrorist acts.

Suspected militants blew up a natural gas pipeline in the town of Bir El-Abd in Northern Sinai last week, creating a fire but no injuries.

Since 2013, Egypt has been fighting a Daesh-led insurgency in Sinai. Hundreds of attacks have been taken out by extremists, primarily against security officers and Christians.

Since February 2018, when the military launched a large campaign in Sinai, as well as areas of the Nile Delta and deserts along the country’s western border with Libya, the pace of militant strikes in Sinai’s primary theater of operations and elsewhere has slowed to a trickle.

Journalists, non-residents, and outside observers have been excluded from the area, making the struggle against Islamists in Sinai mainly veiled from public view. The fighting has also been kept away from tourist spots on the peninsula’s southern tip.


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