On Tuesday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez defended his government’s energy policies and urged Elon Musk to put his money where his mouth is by building a huge solar power facility in Spain.

“Spain should construct a big solar power plant. Tesla inventor Elon Musk, who has a net worth of $219 billion according to Forbes, tweeted to his 80.5 million followers on Monday, “Could power all of Europe.”

Sanchez responded by praising his country’s ambitions to transition to a more efficient and sustainable energy system and encouraging Musk to join in.

“The time has come. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Come take a look. “Investors are welcome in Spain,” he tweeted.

Spain aims to get 67 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2026, thanks to its sunny plains, fast-flowing rivers, and windy slopes.
Renewables contributed for 45 percent of generation in March, according to data from national grid operator Red Electrica, with solar photovoltaic accounting for roughly 6.4 percent.

By 2023, Spain plans to devote 6.9 billion euros ($7.8 billion) on renewables, green hydrogen, and energy storage as part of its COVID-19 economic recovery plan, with a goal of attracting another 9.45 billion euros in private funding.

Former Science Minister Pedro Duque, an aeronautical engineer who served as an astronaut for the European Space Agency before becoming a minister, also responded to Musk’s tweet, pushing him to make his notion a reality.

“We welcome investments in Spain to help us expand our already significant renewable energy production.” Our entire legal framework is in place to deal with it. “Do you have any investors?”


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