Ahmed Madobe admits that he was in a stronghold in Mogadishu and would defend himself if Farmajo attacked


The president of Jubbaland state Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) has today met with the standing committee of the upper house of the federal parliament and discussed many sensitive issues.

Ahmed Madobe addressed the Standing Committee of the Upper House on issues including the dispute with the Federal Government of Somalia, the Dhusamareb conference and the dispute over the country’s elections.

Ahmed said that the federal government met many challenges in recent years, he noted that the government needs to looga the guard to stop any abuse.

He said Mogadishu was the last place before he was re-elected President of Jubbaland, and pointed out that he was in a stronghold and ready to repel any attacker.

The conference discussed the latest in dividend was immediately arrested and driven to the statement after it was discovered that he was heading to the Deni.

Ahmed Madobe also criticized the behavior of senior government officials, especially the bias in both houses of the federal parliament, and called on President Farmajo to address the upper house as he approached the lower house.

Leader Ahmed in Mogadishu two days meeting is expected to establish a President and Deni decided looga polls held in 2020-2021.

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