Al-Shabaab issues statement on attack by Somali and US forces in Jana Abdalle area of ​​Lower Jubba region.


Al-Shabaab said in a statement that Somali and American forces were in Jana Abdalle area of ​​Lower Jubba region.

A statement from the group, and broadcast media to support the US military said the attack killed four soldiers looga.

Al-Shabaab also said in a statement that it had killed 16 Somali government soldiers in the attack.

“For years, US forces have been using drones to target Muslims in Somalia, particularly al-Shabab. “AFRICOM’s deliberate attempt to cover up the deaths of US soldiers in the January attack on Abdalle is a testament to the misleading US campaign,” al-Shabaab said in a statement.

“AFRICOM has also previously failed to acknowledge the actual casualties of its troops in the Ballidoogle and Manda Bay attacks.”

A spokesman for the US military command for Africa, Chris Karns Monday afternoon after the attack spoke to VOA’s moves-Abdallah looga injuring one soldier, disappeared and did not reach the troops.

Chris said they had killed one of the al-Shabab fighters.

The area of ​​Janay-Abadalle, 60 km west of Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region, was taken over by Al-Shabaab last Saturday in collaboration with the Somali National Army.

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