In 2016, Amazon launched an artificial-conversation-intelligence-centric accelerator programme to aid startup development and distribution. Seven years later, Amazon has launched a second AI accelerator, this one led by Amazon Web Services and centred on the current buzzword in the field, generative AI.


Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new 10-week training course for companies developing generative AI technologies. The founders of generative AI startups in the cohort will have access to a wide range of resources, including AI models and tools, machine learning stack optimisation, and individualised market guidance. At the end of the programme, there is a Demo Day in San Francisco.

As of this writing, AWS does not have an AI/ML investment arm and does not invest in startups. But, those that are chosen will be given access to AWS credits worth up to $300,000. The business is accepting applications for the next two weeks, after which it will select ten businesses.

In a blog post announcing the accelerator, Amazon’ Global Head of Startups Howard Wright provided some specifics as to who may full benefit: firms that have a minimum viable product, traction with consumers, and are working on product value propositions, and are also already building on AWS.

Isn’t it obvious why this is happening now? Rob Ferguson, Amazon’ global head of artificial intelligence and machine learning startups, claims that generative AI has unleashed innovation and creativity. Ferguson told, “we’re enthusiastic about the next big thing we can help power through the cloud” in reference to artificial intelligence and machine learning, two of the most game-changing technologies of our day.

He explained that their strategy for generative AI involved investing in and innovating across all three layers of the generative AI stack so that businesses of all sizes and people of all expertise levels could benefit from the technology.



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