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According to the sales page, Article Forge uses sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write and research articles from any niche in the same way that a human does.

When you enter a keyword, Article Forge scans millions of articles on that subject to gain all the knowledge necessary to produce original content.


In essence, it collects text from the web, twists it, adds new paragraphs, etc., and then writes each sentence in its own words to produce unique content.

If you enable that option, Article Forge will automatically include pertinent titles, videos, and images to each article it creates. It can also automatically add links. It’s quite simple to use the Article Forge article creating tool. You don’t need to download or install anything because it is web-based.

Simply create an account and begin your free 5-day trial. Be aware that you will have to provide your credit card information. Even if using PayPal, you must still enter credit card information.

If you cancel while your trial is still active, you won’t be charged anything. Additionally, it appears that on occasion they request a photo ID if they suspect your information to be false.

Don’t forget about it when you begin the trial because their system will subsequently detect that you have already used it. When you attempt to set up a new account (they check IP and other data).

When I look at Article Forge 2.0, I discover that the account menu dashboard has remained unchanged. The New Article, My Articles, WordPress, Post Scheduler, API Information, and Affiliates options are still available on the left-side menu.

What has Article Forge 2.0 added?

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish material can now be produced via Article Forge in these languages.
To check for spelling and grammar errors in articles produced by Article Forge, use the Perfect Tense tool.
What has version 4 added?

With Article Forge 4.0, you will receive a true article rather than a collection of loosely connected paragraphs.
You can now instruct Article Forge to steer clear of certain topics or talking points.
supports expanding your subscription to include additional user accounts. Additionally, you can manage the level of access that each user has.
In what ways is Article Forge 4.5 new?

The structure of the content is more varied, less monotonous, and more accurate.
Now that you may specify exactly what you want Article Forge to write about.
Now, you can create articles that are endlessly lengthy right in the Article Forge editor.

Making an Article
Simply select New Article to be given alternatives to begin content creation when you wish to write a new article.

review of article forge 2
New article choices in Article Forge 2.0.

You must enter the keyword in order to create an article. You can provide more keywords as well, which is advised.

Choose your content readability from the options below. It is advised to utilise the Money Site Filler setting and leave the default values for money sites.

Additionally, Tier 1 and Tier 2 content alternatives with nested spintax are supported by Article Forge and can be used on hundreds of different websites.

You can choose other choices like the number of sentence variations, the number of paragraph variations, and whether or not to turn on or off the paragraph shuffle feature by clicking Toggle advanced options.

You can choose an article length of 50, 200, 500, or 750 words. Unfortunately, there is a limit of 750 words. There has been no change in this.

You can also enable the options to add headings and titles, control the likelihood that images and videos will be included, and swap out keywords for links.

Images will be hard linked to content at, and YouTube videos will be selected for embedding. You’ll need to make a new replacement group if you choose to replace keywords with links.

The tool will link a keyword to any member of the list at random if several links (one per line) are provided in a single replacement group. Simply include the keywords (one per line) in one replacement group if you want to link several keywords to the same link or link list.