As climate change protestors blockaded oil ports in Essex, east of London, British police reported they had arrested 83 people in 48 hours.

Hundreds of activists from the organisations Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil began blocking oil terminals around the United Kingdom on Friday, with some scaling oil tankers as part of their campaign to persuade the government to accelerate decarbonization efforts.
According to Essex police, 63 people were arrested on Friday during protests at three locations, according to a statement released on Saturday. A total of 20 people were arrested on Saturday, according to the report.

The individuals were detained on suspicion of a number of felonies, according to the police.

“Our officers are continuing to work in extremely difficult conditions in order to bring these protests to a safe and quick end,” Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Nolan said.

Extinction Rebellion announced on Friday that it would put pressure on the government by holding daily rallies in London beginning April 9.


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