On Tuesday, a judge at London’s Court of Appeal ruled that a group of asylum-seekers could sue the UK’s Home Office for what they claim is a lack of considering the risks of deporting them to Rwanda.


According to The Guardian, Lord Justice Underhill, vice-president of the court of appeal’s civil division, has given the organization permission to appeal against the controversial policy of the British government.

Ten refugees seeking asylum are challenging their potential deportation to Rwanda in court. Some of them have traveled all the way from war-torn countries like Iran, Iraq, and Syria to join us.

In reaching its decision, the court took into account whether or not the high court had adequately investigated whether or not Rwanda was a safe place to send asylum-seekers, especially in light of the UN refugee agency’s (UNHCR) critical warnings about the east African country’s poor track record of protecting refugees.

Although judges ruled in favor of the government’s policy in December, they reversed the Home Office’s decisions to deport eight people to Rwanda.