According to Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Gamea, the Egyptian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 drew 1.5 million visitors over six months and ranked in the top three of two major contests.

According to the minister, Egypt’s interior design received third place among the medium-sized pavilions as determined by the International Bureau of Exhibitions. Egypt also came in second place in a public vote hosted by the Exhibitor magazine for its creative work, trailing only Peru.

The Egyptian exhibition was popular, according to Gamea, because of the country’s rich history and its development of its tourist sector over the years. Three original Pharoah statues were displayed at the event.

The country has highlighted its massive investment in infrastructure, including technologically advanced cities and industrial districts, as well as the Suez Canal economic zone, to attract visitors and investors.

The Egyptian pavilion had an exceptional location at the show, according to Ashraf Hamdy, commissioner-general of the Egyptian exposition and head of the country’s commercial office in Dubai. This was a reflection of the two countries’ close ties.
Over 100 seminars on investment potential in information technology and infrastructure, tourism and green tourism initiatives, the Suez Canal, space technology transfer, the role of young researchers in the field of space science, and women’s empowerment were among the events on offer, he said.


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