Bomb blast kills South West officials


Details are coming together in the blasts and direct al-Qaeda forces in the area Goof-red region of the Bay.

Al-Sh abab reportedly blew up a car bomb at a government base, followed by a direct attack by gunmen.

A recent statement from the Somali Police Force said that the late Isaq Ali, the district commissioner, and the late Goof Gaduud, the police chief, were among the five members killed in the attack.

“A terrorist attack this morning in Goofgaduud Burey, Bay region, killed five members: officials, soldiers and residents. The attack began with an improvised explosive device (IED) truck attacking the compound. 3 members of his family (2 members of the armed forces and defense), “the statement said.

“After that, the terrorists used a ploy, setting the body on fire, and the district commissioner and the police station commander, who were also killed in the second bomb blast, went to the scene,” the statement said.

Overall mortality bombings today in Environmental Goofgaduud will be up to 5 members of his advisory police said, but no one knows the damage to the other side, as declared by the Shebab said they represented the area and witnesses to the troops government.

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