Children of the legendary Lul Yamani restaurant bombing victim neglected


The children and family of the late Mohamed Abdi Omar, the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the August 3rd suicide bombing at the Lul Yamni restaurant near the port city of Mogadishu, are now being neglected in Mogadishu. Hamar-Jabab district.

He is survived by seven children, the eldest of whom is nine years old, and his elderly parents, who are now in critical condition.

At work

Abdi Omar’s father, who spoke to Five TV, described how his son, who was a security guard, started working at the Lul Yamani restaurant.

“On the day he started working at the restaurant, I got a job,” said Abdi Omar.

Before the explosion.

First, Father Abdi recounted what happened between his son and the suicide bomber who wanted to enter the restaurant.

“The man who blew himself up came. He said, ‘I want a man inside.’ He said, ‘Call him.’ He said, ‘I don’t know his phone.’ He said, ‘I’ll tell you people. I don’t know his name.'” My son jumped. The man came out of the restaurant and ate. He came out of the door and said, “Come with me.” The man blew himself up and I ran away. Another guard came to the man and he was caught on the ground. was put down and then turned on. ”

Abdi Omar’s 70-year-old father also described what happened on August 3, 2020, when a man wearing a suicide vest blew himself up at a Lul Yamani restaurant during a crowded lunch. .

After the explosion!

He pointed out that Abdi had been telephoned as soon as the explosion occurred, telling him that his son’s restaurant had been robbed, and that he had rushed to the scene, but unfortunately found his son dead.

“I heard there was an explosion. A phone call was sent to me. I went there and found his leg and abdomen. I did not know where he was,” said Father Abdi in tears.


Abdi Omar’s father underlined that his son had chosen to die, in order to save all the people there and the property in the restaurant.

“My son did not go to the man. He was going to destroy that property and hundreds of lives, so he decided to kill them instead of destroying them.” he said again.

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