Citizens Complain about the Somali Immigration and Nationality Agency


Following a statement from the Somali Immigration and Nationality Agency announcing the launch of international flights arriving at Aden Adde International Airport on August 3, hundreds of complaints have been received. Somalis, from around the world, on their way to Mogadishu were sent back to the airports of their countries of origin when they were informed that the immigration authorities had told airlines arriving in Somalia that they could not pick up passengers without a certificate. does not have Covid19 disease.

“When we arrived at the airport and our flights were just a few hours away, we were informed that the letter was a requirement, as long as other countries have to take the money and investigate, why not take the money and search the people, whoever they are. They find and quarantine the disease, there you can see the ignorance of our organization, you will not see in the world a country whose citizens are in another country to examine themselves and pay, ”said Abdifatah Abdiqadir who contacted the media in He added that many people, including him, had difficulty paying for the paperwork and the cost of tickets for the flight. went, also rented a hotel.

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