After being discovered in a French migrant camp, the British foster mother of an Afghan migrant who was incarcerated and deported for the rape of a 12-year-old girl reportedly warned him not to return to the UK.


In 2014, Emal Kochai, now 28 years old, was convicted of raping the girl in her Berkshire home and sentenced to prison. After serving half of his sentence, he was deported in 2019.

This week, a reporter from The Times found a 28-year-old Afghan at a migrant camp in northern France. The man said he wanted to go back to the United Kingdom.

At the age of seventeen, Kochai was taken in and fostered by a British woman whose identity has been protected by The Times.

She predicted that his asylum application would be denied because of his criminal record. On the other hand, he has a deep and abiding affection for the British people and the United Kingdom itself, and he longs to return.

If he returns, it will be a major worry of mine. I’d like him to broaden his horizons, but he has an inexplicable attachment to the United Kingdom.

I warned him not to board a ship. Don’t do it, I warned. No, I really hope he doesn’t drown. He is a poor swimmer.

When she retired from her teaching career, the woman took in four Afghan orphans, of whom Kochai is one of four.

She visited Kochai several times during his incarceration and told The Times she was convinced of his innocence.

The news of the accusation was devastating to us. It was unthinkable to us. The whole thing was a great tragedy.

He was young at the time, and I’d like to believe he’s matured since then. He has a lot of energy. He was content even behind bars, where he cooked for guards, studied, and honed his culinary skills.

According to the court documents, Kochai forced the 12-year-old girl onto a bed, stripped her naked, and raped her in a room at a house in Reading, Berkshire.

Kochai was offered a chance to have his prison time halved in exchange for deportation. After some thought, he decided to spend some time back in Afghanistan.

There he met the woman who would become his wife; they have a daughter together. His foster mom said he plans to move to Britain with his new family.

In Afghanistan, she said, “It’s bad for him because the Taliban know he was in England, so they’re not very happy with him.”

I will never give up trying to get to the UK,” Kochai vowed to The Times. It has been three months since I arrived in France, and we still haven’t received any information.

I’ve heard people say things like, “In the UK I can get an education, a job, and a house.”