Dermatology acne treatment cream with antioxidants is designed to combat skin blemishes and treat the root cause of acne.

It inhibits the growth of bacteria, thereby controlling the formation of pimples. With these anti-acne properties, the dermology acne treatment cream makes the skin soft, radiant and youthful only after a few applications.
Why You Should Use Dermatology Acne Treatment Cream:
Treats acne and prevents new acne breakouts
It is made with natural ingredients
Healing is done without any side effects.
It works on both blackheads and whiteheads
Cleanses existing acne prone skin
Suitable for adult and teenage acne
Works on both male and female skin
It can be used on face and body
Dermatology What is the function of acne treatment cream – active ingredients?
Resveratrol – An antioxidant derived from grapes used to make red wine. It checks for the formation of free radicals in the body that cause acne breakouts. This causes the blocks to disappear.
Sandalwood – It reduces the chance of boils, pimples and inflammation.
Vitamin E – Prevents the formation of pimples and prevents its recurrence. It hydrates and also provides nutrition.


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