The cease-fire was the first significant pause in hostilities in the conflict’s six years. Yemen’s warring sides agreed to extend the cease-fire for another two months on Thursday.

Most of the casualties since the cease-fire began in early April, according to Liz Throssell, a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, have been caused by land mines, “including improvised mines, and explosive relics of war.”

She did say that three of the 19 were murdered by sniper fire in the provinces of Taiz and Al-Dale. Snipers inflicted significant injuries on two victims. A weaponized drone also injured four civilians, one of which was a girl, according to the agency.

During the two-month cease-fire, 32 civilians were injured, according to Throssell.

The UN Security Council praised the extension of the cease-fire in Yemen and “expressed hope that a stronger cease-fire might be transformed into a lasting cease-fire and an inclusive, comprehensive political settlement, under the auspices of the UN,” according to a statement.

According to the statement, they also expressed their “grave worry” about the prospect of famine in Yemen and urged donors to support the UN humanitarian appeal.

They urged the Yemeni parties to keep working with UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg to talk and speak with one another in a spirit of mutual respect and reconciliation.

The UAE applauded the UN’s efforts to “achieve a comprehensive and long-term political settlement that will improve chances for peace and stability in Yemen and the region.” It urged other governments to back the ceasefire and pressure the parties to reach a complete agreement.

The UAE also underscored Saudi Arabia’s crucial role in attaining stability and security in Yemen, reiterating its commitment to supporting the Yemeni people’s legitimate aspirations for progress and prosperity.

“This extension gives greater relief and hope to millions of Yemenis,” a US State Department spokeswoman said on Twitter. Yemen has the chance to build on its successes and choose peace over war.”


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