According to state and municipal authorities on Saturday, heavy rains prompted mudslides that killed at least 14 people in southern coastal cities and the Baixada Fluminense area of Rio de Janeiro state.

Rescuers responded to 850 requests in the last 24 hours, bringing 144 people to safety in the impacted areas, according to state officials.

Over the last two weeks, Rio de Janeiro has been battered by bad weather. Authorities announced on March 23 that 240 people were killed in February by landslides and flooding in the Petropolis district, which is located in the hills above Rio de Janeiro.

“There are almost 70 homeless families in our community.” The mayor of Paraty, Luciano Vidal, told Reuters that “we are providing shelters and renting dormitories for these people.”

Mudslides, he claimed, had closed streets and isolated areas of the city, and entire neighborhoods in the colonial coastal town, which is a tourist draw, were without electricity.

The rainfall average for six months was 322 millimeters (12.68 inches) on one day at Paraty. According to Vidal, at least seven people died there. Only five deaths in Paraty were confirmed by the civil defense statement.

As additional rain was anticipated, the town, which is a popular tourist attraction, issued a state of emergency.
According to the latest state tally, at least six people died in nearby Angra dos Reis, another vacation area affected by severe rain.


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