LONDON – The family of a lady who went missing in the United Kingdom seven years ago has renewed their request for information, according to The Metro.

Fatima Mohamed-Ali, 52, was last seen in her Sussex neighborhood at 8 a.m. in 2016, with CCTV footage showing her leaving her home to stroll down a nearby street.

Mohamed-Ali’s family, lead by husband Mohamed, is collaborating with the charity Missing People to increase search efforts ahead of her 60th birthday.

Since her disappearance, the mother-of-three’s family had hoped that Mohamed-Ali will be located, with a probable sighting in 2018 providing hope.

According to the description — 5 feet 2 inches tall, thin, brown eyes, and presumably dressed in traditional Indian attire — an unnamed woman seen on CCTV racing after a bus in nearby Brighton in 2018 appeared to resemble Mohamed-Ali.

The alleged sighting, however, resulted in no more advancements in the case.

Husband Mohamed took part in a podcast two years ago to discuss his wife’s condition, including the possibility of suicide, which he described as implausible because it would be “out of character” for Mohamed-Ali.

“If that’s what it is,” he answered, “then I’ll have to accept it.”

“If you’ve seen Fatima or know where Fatima is… we lost a good wife, a mother, and a grandmother,” he stated in response to the repeated request for information. Please assist us if you are out there.”

He also wrote to his wife, stating, “We miss you and wish you a happy 60th birthday wherever [you] are.”

“If anyone has any information about Fatima’s disappearance, they can contact Missing People’s helpline,” said Ndella Senghore, publicity officer for Missing People.

“Fatima, if you are reading this, please contact me.” You can reach us by phone at 116 000 or by email at”




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