Farmajo plans to postpone appointment of PM


President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has yet to name a new prime minister will replace former prime minister of Hassan Ali Kheyre and suddenly the looga out.

In recent days, Farmajo has been in talks over who should be the next prime minister of Somalia, and the president has interviewed several candidates for the presidency.

The appointment of the Prime Minister of Somalia was expected to be expedited by the President so that the current Transitional Federal Government (TFG) can form a permanent government in the remaining months of the term.

Sources say that Somali President Farmajo is delaying the appointment of a new Prime Minister of Somalia due to a number of plans he wants to implement.

President Farmajo’s first plan is to announce an extension before parliament appoints a new prime minister.

It was also reported that President Farmajo’s other plan is to postpone the scheduled conference in Dhusamareb so that tough decisions can be made and the agreement reached in Dhusamareb be scrapped.

Political analysts believe that President Farmajo is working in any way he can to get an extension, and the President has formed alliances with some regional administration leaders to pave the way for an extension.

Opposition politicians and some regional authorities refusing to postpone the elections as a presidential adviser sameesto extensions without looga not.

The ouster of Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire’s government was said to have been aimed at thwarting the Dhusamareb conference as well as a two-year extension.

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