The final countdown to the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix began in earnest as Formula One teams arrived at the delightful reception at Jeddah’s King Abdul Aziz International Airport on 28 Nov.

Teams were greeted by the Department of Sport and the team of the Saudi Arabian Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, and were assisted by the features of arriving at the specially designed reception area.

The Formula One event – the largest international sporting event of the State – will be played at the specially designed Jeddah Corniche Festival from Dec. 3-5.

More F1 drivers are expected to arrive in the coming days as the grand prize continues. The Alpine F1 team and the Scuderia Ferrari are among the teams that have begun preparations for Jeddah.

The rest areas of the airport are adorned with Formula 1 flags and logos, models of F1 race cars, and photos of teams and competing drivers.

Jeddah Municipality also decorated King Road and Corniche with Formula 1 flags and slogans, including the area around the circuit and the river.


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