Four Iraqi soldiers Kurdish Peshmerga were killed in a suspected Daesh attack, a security official said on Monday, the third such attack in less than two weeks.

Five other Peshmerga fighters were injured in Sunday’s violence in northern Iraq at an airport north of Kirkuk, a source said.
Kurdish troops have not confirmed the killings but did not say how the Peshmerga soldiers were killed and wounded, in a statement accusing Daesh of committing suicide.

It was the third terrorist attack in Daesh in less than two weeks against the Kurdish in northern Iraq.

On Thursday, Daesh claimed responsibility for an attack south of the Kurdish capital Irbil that killed at least nine Peshmerga fighters and three civilians.

At the end of November, five Peshmergas were killed during a roadside bomb blast also claimed by a terrorist group.

Daesh captured a large number of Iraqis in 2014, before launching a US-backed anti-government coup.

The Iraqi government has announced that the extremists were defeated in late 2017, although Daesh keeps sleeping cells still attacking the invaders.


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