Full VEDIO Amarka iyo Tacadiga Ciidamada Kenya Gedo 100 km halaga guuro


kulan ay ka soo qayb galeen odayaasha dhaqanka beellaha Dhaqanka soomaaliyeed siyasiyiin iyo waxgarad kale ayaa ka dhacay  magalada muqdisho

kulan kan ayaa ahaa mid loogu hadlayay dhibaatooyinka ciidanka dowlada kenya ay ugeestaan dadka daga deeganada gobolka gado tan iyo 2011


Odayaasho hadaljeedinta kasameeyay madasha ayaa ka warbixiyey Xaalada dhabta ah ee ka jirta Gobolka Gedo

marka uu soo idlaaday kulanka kadib waxa laga soo saaray war murtiyeed kakooban dhowr qodob

PRESS RELEASE [For immediate release]

 (Mogadishu, August 26, 2019) The Gedo communities (traditional elders, members of FGS and parliament, Jubaland state assembly members, private business sector, CSOs) unequivocally condemn the continued atrocities committed by the Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) in Gedo region, Somalia.

On 22nd of August, 2019, the Kenyan army destroyed Hormuud Telecom mast at Caws-Qurun location, in Gedo region. The destruction had a significant impact on livelihoods of the residents; as communities in the area lost access to vital economic services such as EVC and disconnecting thousands from the rest of the country.

Infrastructures not only telecommunicating but also- through electronic money transfer- necessary for the daily livelihood, trade and business transactions, delivery of humanitarian assistance -to drought affected and internally displaced people (IDPs) – and lifesaving emergency medical services have been disrupted by the neighboring Kenya Government through KDF’s destruction of telecommunication mast at the heart of Gedo Region.

Kenya Defense Force have for the last two years attacked and destroyed nine [9] other masts and critical infrastructure owned by Hormuud in Gedo region, killing it’s staff as well as other civilians residing along the border in an attempt to displace them.

Kenya is systematically and deliberately attacking the people, land and livestock of communities of Gedo in particular and generally the Somali nation, violating the territorial integrity of Somalia, spilling the blood of innocent human beings and livestock in Gedo region.

It is clear that, all these violations by KDF are part of a wider agenda – if not stopped – to destabilize the region, in pursuit of hostile policies and counterproductive ambition to annex Somalia’s legitimate defined territories and maritime belt. The actions of KDF contravene the values of good-neighborliness and undermine regional peace and security. It’s also incompatible with Kenya’s role as Troop Contributing Country (TCC) and part of AMISOM Peace Support Operations in Somalia.

We call upon all peace-loving Somali people, the Federal Government and Parliament of Somalia, AMISOM, UNSOM and the International community to hold the Government of Kenya responsible for and prevent its brutal acts of aggression against the peaceful people of Gedo region and Somalia at large.

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