A Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs official said on Wednesday that the Kingdom had taken important initiatives to improve food security and develop policies to combat climate change and water scarcity.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, these efforts helped improve food security indicators in the Kingdom, according to Saudi deputy minister of international affairs Waleed Al-Khuraiji.

Al-Khuraiji stated at the United Nations’ Global Food Security Call to Action meeting on Wednesday that the food security crisis demonstrates the importance of international cooperation for long-term recovery.

Despite progress in the development process, he said, reaching the 2030 SDGs (social development goals) has become incredibly challenging, as global expectations and indications reveal a diversion in the route toward the program’s second target, which includes hunger eradication.

“Among the global health issues is the development of pandemics,” Al-Khuraiji added, “as the spread of COVID-19 exposed to us the fragility of the international system in combatting a virus that is not apparent to the human eye, which led to grave consequences that damaged communities and economies.”

He said Saudi Arabia spearheaded a worldwide response to the pandemic, which coincided with the Kingdom’s G20 presidency, by contributing $500 million to global efforts to combat the pandemic and $300 million to countries’ efforts to combat the virus.

“Within sustainable development efforts, the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 focused on building a sustainable agricultural sector, strengthening sectors that support food systems, developing systems and improving agricultural productivity, and working to strengthen research and innovation capabilities to ensure sustainable progress in food security,” Al-Khuraiji said.

Saudi Arabia, he added, had presented vital efforts to the region and the globe, as well as a road plan for dealing with environmental concerns. The Saudi Green Program, the Middle East Green Initiative, and the circular carbon economy initiative are among them.

Al-Khuraiji stated that enhancing security and stability, supporting dialogue and peaceful solutions, and creating conditions that support development and achieve people’s aspirations for a better tomorrow, whether in the Middle East or around the world, are all important aspects of the Kingdom’s foreign policy.

He went on to say that Saudi Arabia had always reaffirmed its commitment to assisting the poor and countries affected by natural catastrophes and humanitarian crises.

“The Kingdom is the greatest Arab and Islamic giver of humanitarian and development aid, as well as one of the top three international donors,” he stated.


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