Hassan Khayre’s residence busy with Somali presidency


Since Hassan Ali Khaire announced his candidacy for the presidency, there has been a dramatic change in Mogadishu and there has been a lot of talk about the country’s elections and who the Somali people expect to be the country’s leader for the next four years.

Hassan Ali Khayre’s residence in Mogadishu has become a congested center, and Hassan Khayre is in regular meetings with all sections of the community to discuss election-related issues.

Some of those who visited Hassan Ali Khaire’s residence said that he is busy with the presidency at the moment due to the fact that most Somalis see him as the most likely candidate at this time and that he has launched a strong campaign as the country’s presidential election is 120 years away. days.

Hassan Khayre, who returned as Prime Minister between February 2017 and July 2020, recently announced his candidacy for the presidency, and the Somali people welcomed him in good faith, supporting his achievements as a minister. first in government.

During Hassan Khaire’s tenure as Prime Minister, the country underwent major reforms, including debt relief, military and economic reforms, the restoration of Somali identity, and youth suffering in prisons abroad. repatriated, the fight against corruption, the implementation of the national roadmap, accountability, the formation of a united Galmudug, fruitful reconciliation and increased political participation of the youth.

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