Making money on YouTube is a goal for many people. After all, YouTubers give off the impression of living the good life and basking in the love of their followers. Since starting a YouTube channel is simpler than ever before, there’s no reason not to shoot for the stars.


Starting a YouTube channel is easy, but making it profitable takes more work. Your first hundred dollars may come through a sale or a sponsorship contract, but optimising your revenue will require researching all of your opportunities.

If you want to learn more about monetizing your YouTube channel, we’ve put together this post to help you do just that. As you read this post, you will gain an understanding of the various revenue streams available on YouTube, allowing you to leverage one of the most popular websites on the web to expand your own business.

Is It Possible to Get Money using YouTube?
To put it briefly, yeah. They number in the thousands. And it’s not like every single one of them has millions of followers. To the contrary of popular belief, success on YouTube is not solely a function of the number of videos you upload. Rather, it also depends on the specific audience you’re targeting, the quality of your content, and the variety of monetization strategies you employ. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about your subscriber count and video views; here are some simple strategies to boost both.

Could You Make Money Using YouTube?
Unfortunately, YouTube does not compensate creators for their work. It’s also worth noting that the videos aren’t monetized by default. To begin receiving payment from your uploaded videos, you must first enable monetization in your account settings. Participating in YouTube’s Partner Program or having your films displayed on YouTube Premium are both options available to you (more on this later).

Strategies for Monetizing Your YouTube Channel
ways to monetize your YouTube channel
You may be wondering how to get money from YouTube if you’ve been seeking for additional ways to increase your income. Well, you may start making money on the platform in a number of ways, most of which centre around making interesting videos. Some of the most well-liked ways to make money on YouTube are:

1. Enroll in YouTube’s Partner Program
Knowing the ins and outs of the YouTube partner programme is crucial if you want to learn how to make money on YouTube. Creators on YouTube can’t make money off their videos in any way until they’ve been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

As soon as your channel has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total views, YouTube will examine it for Partner status. That’s why it’s so important to keep making videos and growing your channel’s audience before you can start making money from them. If you meet the conditions for the programme, you can submit an application for the monetization.

Steps to take in order to activate YouTube monetization:

Sign in to your YouTube account that you plan to monetise.
To access YouTube Studio, select the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
Choose Additional Features > Monetization from the menu on the left.
Check out the Affiliate Program Agreement, and then accept it.
Join your channel to your preexisting AdSense account or sign up for a new one.
Choose the methods of monetization you prefer.
When you’ve finished these steps, return to the dashboard and click the Analytics option on the left. From there, pick Revenue at the top and look for the chart labelled “Monthly Expected Revenue” towards the bottom of the screen. You can estimate your monthly earnings with the help of the chart.

If you want to make money on YouTube, how many views do you need?

It’s not true that YouTube pays you based on how many people watch your videos. Even if your video gets thousands of views, it won’t be profitable if no one engages with your adverts or content.
Even if you have advertising on your YouTube channel, you won’t get paid unless people click on them or watch the entire video.
Yet, there is some encouraging news for those interested in learning how to monetize YouTube: you no longer have to rely entirely on advertisements to make money. You may now generate money without ad views or views on YouTube thanks to paid subscription services like YouTube Premium.
Promote Your Channel on YouTube Premium and Boost Your Viewership
Other than placing ads on your channel, what other ways are there to monetize a YouTube channel? The solution is YouTube Premium.

A premium membership to YouTube Premium removes advertisements from the video streaming platform. No action is required on the part of creators to gain access to this additional revenue stream, which is generated automatically whenever a video is viewed by a YouTube Premium subscriber.

The majority of the money made via Premium membership fees will go to creators, same like YouTube’s monetization policies for ad-based revenue (total revenue distribution is based on how much Premium members watch your content).

If you have a premium membership, you can also download videos to watch offline and play them in the background, both of which count towards your viewing time.

Making money off of YouTube views
Promote Channel Subscriptions
When you have more than 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can start monetizing your channel through subscriptions. Subscribers can pay $4.99 a month to gain access to early video releases, a private chat room, special emojis, and more. In the discussion threads, the live chat, and the “Community” section, members will be identified by unique badges.

Offering channel memberships makes sense because viewers know it might be difficult to earn a YouTube creator’s attention. The question of how to monetize a YouTube channel now has another answer.

An expert piece of advice is to constantly promote the “Join” button on your site by mentioning it in your videos and reminding viewers that they can become members only by doing so.

4. Use your videos to promote affiliate products.
Companies are very aware of the opportunities presented by popular YouTube channels, and they are constantly on the lookout for ways to take advantage of these channels’ big audiences.

When you have built up a sizable following on the site, companies may approach you with offers to endorse their products in exchange for financial compensation. Think about partnering with these companies to feature their products in your videos and earning affiliate commissions. Joining well-known affiliate programmes is another option for growing your affiliate base.

More money can be made in this fashion, but it’s important to tread carefully because viewers can easily see an ad.

To be in good standing with YouTube, always endorse things you truly believe in and make sure to let your viewers know about any affiliate links.

Improve Live Streaming Revenue with Super Chat
As a novel means of monetizing one’s YouTube channel, Super Chat has quickly gained in popularity. Your viewers may now pay to have their most compelling chat messages featured at the top of the comments area during a live broadcast. You may utilise Super Chat to earn money from your YouTube live videos.

Super Chat’s YouTube monetization rates start at $1 and go up to $500, with the company keeping 30% of the proceeds. The secret to making money with YouTube Super Chat is hosting and promoting live events.

Share them on your videos, other social media, and any other places your target audience congregates.

Become Popular on YouTube.
You, as a creator, have a great chance to cash in on the rising popularity of influencer marketing.

Where do you even begin? Brendan Gahan, a marketing expert and influencer on YouTube, suggests that artists should set a flat charge by multiplying the amount of views their videos generally obtain by 15 cents per view.

WebFX, a digital marketing agency, provided the following estimates for the income of YouTube stars who are considered “influencers”

A creative with one million subscribers may make $20,000 every video.
For a creative with 100,000 subscribers, each video would earn $2,000.
If a creator has 10,000 followers, they can charge $200 per video.
One way to increase your earnings is to form strategic alliances with companies whose customers might benefit from your offerings.

If you want to be seen by prospective business partners, check out these influencer marketplaces:

YouTubers can collaborate with both established businesses and fellow video producers by creating “Channel Pages.”
Simply have 1,000 followers to join the Grapevine Logic.
It is possible to find high-paying partnerships through some influencer marketing sites, while receiving free goods through others. Accept the offers that are the most suitable for you.

Motivate the Audience to Buy Your Goods
Whether you’re already operating an online store or you’re just curious about the potential of YouTube as a source of income, promoting your products in your videos is a smart move. Including product promotion in your video and description text is a terrific method to increase views and sales.

Shopify makes it simple to open an online shop if one has not been established already. When your online shop is up and running, you can start selling whatever you believe your audience would be interested in, whether it’s merchandise, products you’ve mentioned in your videos, or something else entirely. This is an excellent chance to learn about monetizing your YouTube channel.

Earn Money With Your Videos On YouTube
If you’re interested in monetizing your YouTube channel, you should bear in mind these helpful suggestions.

One, shoot for a video length of 10 minutes or more.
Generally speaking, the odds of making money from ads on YouTube videos increase the longer the videos are (above 10 minutes). Generally speaking, YouTube videos that are longer than 10 minutes tend to have a larger watch time, which is good for the amount of ad money the video generates. A higher average watch duration also indicates a higher placement in YouTube’s search results, increasing the likelihood that visitors will see your video.

secondly, work with other YouTubers
Working with other YouTubers is one strategy for monetizing your channel. There is no better way to increase your YouTube subscriber base, stand out from the crowd, and reach a wider audience than with this strategy. Find some popular YouTubers in your field, then approach out to them with a killer video concept; they’ll almost certainly want to work with you.

Third, Make Material That Is Interesting And Useful
The popularity of your YouTube channel depends on this. Users of YouTube are constantly on the lookout for new videos to watch that will either make them laugh or teach them something. Providing this type of video material increases the likelihood that viewers will stick around for the duration of the film and return for more in the future. See which demographic is paying the most attention to your videos by digging into YouTube analytics. As a result, you’ll have a clearer picture of the kind of material to produce. If you want your movies to appeal more to members of Generation Z, you may, for instance, incorporate some of the slang terms that are currently trending within that demographic.

Maximize the impact of your describing language.
If you want to know more about how to make money off of YouTube videos, reading the descriptions is a good place to start. They aid in visitors finding your stuff and making a decision about whether or not to view it. Use the tried-and-true method of journalistic writing when describing your videos: start with the most pertinent details. Explain what they will learn from watching the entire film, and address some of their concerns (problems attract attention). Last but not least, talk to your potential customers in terms they can grasp.

5. Maintain regular posting to grow your audience
Maintaining regular upload schedule is essential for any successful YouTube channel. By constantly updating your channel with new material, you can keep your visitors interested in what you have to offer. This implies customers will get much more familiar with your website and its associated assets, such as your online store.

Earning Money on YouTube Even If You Don’t Upload Videos
Without original videos, the only option to monetize a YouTube channel is to redistribute content created by others. YouTube has a collection of videos that can be shared freely according to its “Creative Commons licence,” but few users are aware of this.

You can make money off of publishing other people’s videos on your channel if the licencing allows it. If you encounter a video online that has been released under the CC-BY licence, for instance, you are free to use it and modify it to incorporate your own ideas and perspectives.

Tutorial: How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel.
Anyone curious about YouTube monetization might also be interested in YouTube’s payment policies. From what I understand, you’ll need to take a few steps to ensure that the company can send you payments.

Create a Google AdSense account with your Gmail address, then choose from wire transfer, Western Union Fast Cash, EFT, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), and cheques as your preferred method of payment.

While registering your AdSense account, you may also be asked to provide your tax information. After you reach the AdSense payment threshold, you can request payment. Here’s a table displaying the minimum required value in each major currency, courtesy of Google.

How do YouTube stars get paid?
If your profits are below the applicable level in your local currency, Google will not pay out any of your earnings, regardless of the payment method you’ve selected.

The Secrets to Making Money on YouTube, No Matter How Many Other People are Doing It

Keep in mind that you won’t be competing with only other business owners for attention and revenue while you’re looking into how to make money with YouTube. In addition to part-timers, there will be YouTubers who dedicate their time to the platform full-time.

Always remember this when thinking up new material for your channel. With captivating video thumbnails and titles, you can stand out from the throng. Never forget that visuals are a huge part of YouTube’s appeal; if you want more people to watch your videos, you need to have those down pat.

You should also give careful consideration to the audio and visual quality of your content. If you want people to have a good impression of your company, the videos you put out should reflect it in a positive way.

Using YouTube SEO, you can also outrank the competitors. Producing search engine optimization (SEO) content for your videos’ descriptions is a terrific strategy for attracting natural views on your uploaded videos and ultimately, subscribers to your YouTube channel. Here you can find a YouTube SEO tutorial.

How to Make Money on YouTube: Commonly Asked Questions
When do you see your YouTube earnings begin?
Once you’ve been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll be able to start making money off of your channel. Until then, you can aim for sponsorships from companies that will pay you to generate quality content. You can start making money on YouTube the day you sign up if you own an online shop and use it to promote your products. If you plan to feature your products and leave links within your channel, you should let people know in advance.

If you want to make money on YouTube, how many subscribers do you need?
To join the YouTube Partner Program and start making money from commercials, you need at least 1,000 subscribers.

I’m wondering how many views on YouTube I’d need to make $100.

How much money you can make on YouTube depends on a number of factors. Advertisements within videos and on creator channels provide revenue when seen. That’s a $100 profit for every 10,000 views, or nothing at all. The ads’ success in generating clicks and conversions is proportional to the degree to which they are targeted at and useful to the intended audience.

How much do you think 1 million YouTube views would be worth?
As reported by Business Insider, a video maker with 1 million views on YouTube may expect to earn anything from $3,400 to $40,000.

Making Money on YouTube in 2023: A Synopsis
You may monetize your YouTube channel in a number of different ways. These are the tried and true methods:

Participate in the YouTube Partner Program to have access to ad revenue.
Make sure your videos are available on YouTube Premium.
Get your viewers to buy a subscription to your channel.
Make brand awareness videos.
Get money with YouTube Super Chat broadcasts.
Turn your YouTube popularity into cash.
Promote your wares straight to your YouTube viewers.
How much of a profit have you made through YouTube? How do you prefer to make money off of your content? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.