About This Gig

Do you need some guidance or assistance in your digital marketing efforts as this is a niche and technical area that requires expertise to be successful. You wouldn’t want your dollars to go to waste just because a certain attribute was not addressed while you were setting up the ad campaign.

To help you with this, I have come up with Digital Marketing Consulting Services. Through this service, i handhold you through your campaigns by sharing my expertise with you. While you create, manage, and control your campaigns, i help you steer through the nuances of this industry, its rules, and tools.

Through video calls i will share with you, ways in which you can make your campaigns more cost-effective and gain relevant leads/sales.

Advantages of having a digital marketing consultant:

1.    Run cost-efficient ads

2.    Generate better leads & more sales

3.    Learn the ropes of Digital Marketing

4.    Have access to an expert to help your business grow

Platforms on which i can help navigate your campaigns on:

1.    Google Ads

2.    Facebook Ads

3.    Microsoft Ads

4.    Amazon Ads

5.    LinkedIn Ads

6.    Twitter Ads


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