YouTube SEO to increase views and subs organically.

Become self-sustainable with fully optimized Metadata suite for your entire channel (1 time only) and importantly learn why, what and how to apply it to future videos!

About the Gigs

·  10min Channel review ONLY + Advanced guide (Basic and Standard)

A privately listed video review of your channel’s SEO and Growth potential. Highlighted trending keywords and content and how to discover this for yourself + Advanced SEO Guide to help you understand your next actions in gaining more REAL subs and views.

·  Full SEO Metadata Suite (Premium Gig)

I use my paid tools and experience to provide your channel optimized tags, hashtags, playlists and other accurate enriched metadata. This helps your videos target the “right” audience and increase subs and views. For serious YouTubers wishing to monetize and maximum increases in channel growthWith bespoke video instructions + Standard Gig + Advanced guide.


Let me help you to…


· Learn these skills for yourself (it’s easy once you know how)

· Increase your knowledge

· Organically improve your channel for years to come!


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