DELHI (NEW): Having already set three records, including that of youngest yoga instructor in the world, a young girl now aspires to train with one of the most well-known yogis in the world: the prime minister of India.


Praanvi Gupta, now seven years old, started doing yoga at age three because she wanted to be like her yoga-practicing parents.

Gupta started going to yoga classes when he and his family relocated from New Delhi to Dubai four years ago.

Late in November 2022, Guinness World Records confirmed her as the youngest yoga instructor in the world after she completed a 200-hour course to become certified by Yoga Alliance, the largest nonprofit organization representing yoga teachers.

When Gupta earned his certification in 2021 at the age of 7, 165 days, he bested Reyansh Surani, who had to wait until he was 9.

“I really feel proud and excited that nobody at this age has made it,” she told Arab News. I am aware of the many advantages of yoga. I hope to spread the word that yoga is beneficial for all ages, especially kids.

Gupta has mapped out her upcoming professional moves. Inspired by her successes, she hopes to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an avid yoga practitioner who has been advocating for the practice on both the national and international stages.

It’s on Gupta’s bucket list to practice yoga with him. Apparently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a dedicated yogi.

In Dubai, at the Vedic Yoga Center, the girl’s formal yoga education began under the guidance of trainer and educator Vincent Earth Kottayil, who suggested she take a course designed for yoga teachers.

For the past quarter-century, I have been sharing my knowledge of yoga with others. Because of her “inherent quality for yoga,” Kottayil considers her one of his best students.

The instructor noticed that she had a special talent for yoga and a strong desire to learn more. She took my advice and enrolled in a yoga teacher training program, which she successfully finished.

Gupta has been successful in a wide variety of fields, not just yoga. In addition to her academic and athletic achievements, she holds several world records and medals.
Pramod, her father, is “super proud” of what she has accomplished.

He went on to say, “She has two other world records for reciting all the countries and their capitals when she was 5 years old, and in 2021 she had a world record for telling 10 longest words in English in just 81 seconds.

Four years after first relocating to the UAE, Gupta competed in and won the 5 kilometer Dubai Run.
She thrives on difficulty. “Whenever you challenge her to something, she’ll just learn that quickly,” Priyanka Sengar, Gupta’s mother, told Arab News.

Sengar, who started a company called Women First Jobs to help eliminate the gender pay gap, is proud of her daughter’s yoga skills and reading acumen.

However, neither of Gupta’s parents are attempting to micromanage their daughter’s life choices.

Regardless of what she wants to do in life, Sengar and I will always be there to back her up 100 percent.

That she will have a successful future is something of which we are absolutely positive. She will give her all to whatever she undertakes, and she will succeed admirably.