For months, thieves have been looting cargo containers aboard trains reaching downtown Los Angeles, stealing items belonging to people all around the country and littering the tracks with discarded boxes.

According to CBSLA, the items came from shops such as Amazon, REI, and others. Among the goods left behind in the sea of trash are objects that the burglars obviously did not consider important enough to take.

One individual was seen fleeing with a container intended to hold small parcels while CBSLA cameras were on the scene, and a Union Pacific train police officer was seen pursuing two other persons who were allegedly looking through packages.
Thousands of boxes were discarded along the rails bordered with homeless encampments northeast of downtown in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in November, according to NBC4.

According to NBC4, passing trains carried containers with doors wide open and things pouring out. According to the station, video showed two males going along the rails, one clutching what appeared to be bolt cutters.

In a statement to CBSLA, Union Pacific expressed worry about an increase in freight thefts in California.
“We’ve boosted the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol and are experimenting with new technology to counteract this illicit conduct.” The railroad also stated, “We will continue to collaborate with our local law enforcement partners and elected authorities.”

Luis Rosas, who works for a company subcontracted by Union Pacific to rescue stuff from railroad tracks in the Los Angeles area and earns approximately $20 an hour, says he’s seen the audacious burglars in action before. They smash the locks on the containers with bolt cutters and load the stolen goods onto vans or vehicles.

Rosas has been doing this task practically every day for roughly six months, and despite being warned not to participate in confrontations, he remains fearful.

“They don’t even flee any longer.” They do it right in front of our eyes,” he told The Associated Press on Friday, before heading to work to gather up automobile tires by the railroad tracks. “At first, I was taken aback. It astonished me.”


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