People have been increasingly complaining and outcrying about the lack of security in Beirut’s southern suburbs, with armed robberies in broad daylight also on the rise.

“Poor security circumstances in Beirut’s southern suburbs are linked to the deepening of the economic crisis,” according to a security source.

The fundamental motivation for these crimes, according to the source, was the loss of the state’s reputation.

According to a security source, armed robberies of motorcycles occur every day after bandits previously stole them at night.
Due to heavy traffic, Saleh stated he was headed to work in Haret Hreik and had parked his motorcycle on the side of the road. Someone brandished a knife at him, pushing him out of his car and leaving the scene.

In Beirut’s southern suburbs, which are a Hezbollah stronghold and hubs for the Amal Movement, thieves and gunmen have become more daring in carrying out armed operations without regard for security or party leaders.

Since the Daesh suicide bomber assaults in 2014, the suburbs have had security checks.

Every night, people hear armed clashes but have no idea why or who the shooters are. They only have access to what is going on because of unsubstantiated material spreading on social media.

According to reports from the Internal Security Forces, most of the culprits were “wanted, with some of them committing their crime because of trafficking or using narcotics” following each raid by thieves or gunmen in these suburbs.

More over a million Lebanese live in the region, according to unofficial estimates. In the second half of the twentieth century, several people moved from the rural to the capital.

Some are residents of communities in Beirut’s southern outskirts, while others relocated to take advantage of lower rents than in the city.

Hayy Al-Sullom is one of the poorest areas in the city, and it is home to the disenfranchised and wanted, who seek safety through political organizations.

However, the owners of electric generators, internet providers, and cable television companies all have clout. Armed battles between two groups erupted in Bi’r al-Abed in March when one encroached on the power of the other.

There had been nighttime conflicts in Laylaki two weeks prior due to disputes between electric generator owners over clientele. Armed battles between internet providers erupted in Choueifat a month ago.

The drawing and firing of weapons has become easier in recent days. During a suhoor lunch and shisha, a fight broke out between two groups.

Concerned about public complaints ahead of upcoming elections, Hezbollah and the Amal Movement issued a joint statement recently about an increase in thefts, armed robberies, and security breaches in various areas of Beirut’s southern suburbs to the “extent of spiraling out of control and posing a threat to life and safety.”

They instructed security and military officials to “strictly address all those breaking security,” emphasizing that they would not defend anyone who was implicated.

The security source stressed: “Official security agencies are present in the southern suburbs, pursuing the wanted people and, in some cases, Hezbollah facilitates our mission and might lead us to the hiding place of a wanted person. In certain cases, we don’t tell Hezbollah that we’re going to raid a specific location in the southern suburbs.”

Hezbollah’s security committees now have the final say on all security-related matters in the southern suburbs, thanks to political arrangements.

“Those criminals have reached a level of recklessness,” the source stated, when asked if this meant Hezbollah was safeguarding wanted people while it knew where they were hiding. Hezbollah is no longer a threat to them.”
When queried about the nighttime shootings and daytime thefts, despite Hezbollah and the Amal Movement’s commitment to stop covering for anyone involved, the insider replied, “Those thugs do not read or respond to remarks.”
Zeinab, who lives in Al-Mureijah near Hayy Al-Sullom, said she feared her children would be unsafe if they chose to leave the house at night and return back late.

She claimed that machine guns – and even rockets – were used in fights that occasionally erupted over minor issues.
Two armed robberies occurred in the afternoon two weeks ago. The first was in a money-transfer store. Before escaping, two individuals on a motorcycle broke into the shop and grabbed $8,000 from a customer. It was revealed that they had been keeping an eye on him previously.
Another gunman broke into a smartphone store during the day and snatched a customer’s pocketbook, then shot the shop’s owner, hurting his hand, for attempting to stop him.


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