Is it true that the Arab government was behind the overthrow of Hassan Ali Kheyre


Reports say that the Qatari government played a key role in the search for the government of Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre, after the government’s efforts to convince Kheyre failed.

Former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre, who recently paid a controversial visit to Qatar, has reportedly rejected a plan by the Qatari government to allow an extension.

The Qatari government has reportedly presented two plans to allow Hassan Kheyre to run for another two years and not run for president while Farmajo is running for office.

Hassan Ali Kheyre is said to have rejected the Qatari government’s demands and instead insisted that his government was working to ensure the elections were held on time.

Somalia and Qatar Angry Khaireh plan has planned to resign suddenly looga thrown through parliament members are providing financial and implementation plan.

Qatar and Villa Somalia’s plan into reality as planned, and suddenly threw the government office looga Khaireh Prime Minister and she will be the right way to understand the government’s motion would be.

The Qatari government, which strongly supports President Farmajo’s government, wants to form a new government and fears that if elections are held, Farmajo and his allies will be defeated.

The international community and some pro-Somali countries have strongly opposed the vote of no confidence in the government, and have warned against Farmajo’s plans to extend his term.

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