Is it true that there is an international pressure on President Farmajo to resign


According to sources close to President Farmajo, there is growing pressure from the international community to resign in order to save the people and the country.

An unnamed source said there was pressure and that Farmajo and the speaker of parliament had been banned from traveling.

Somali donors have never allowed the system of government to be changed for personal gain, which they say is unacceptable.

Building Somalia has cost a lot of money from donors, which has led to Farmajo and Mursal being seen as opponents of Somalia’s progress.

Farmajo is said to be considering resigning as his government has been cut off from large sums of money.

International community suggests that if President Farmajo and Governor Mursal try to disrupt the map drawn by donors
Sanctions will be imposed and if they continue to serve, they will be brought before the International Court of Justice

Donors have pledged to pay for the Dhusamareb Conference and will be directly involved in any attempt to disrupt the conference. Action will be taken.

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