RAMALLAH – Footage has emerged showing Israeli Defense Forces officers in Hebron compelling a Palestinian youngster to burn a plastic toy pistol he received for Eid in exchange for passage through a checkpoint on Shuhada Street on Sunday.


On social media, Palestinian activists shared a video in which a nine-year-old kid, his father, and two little brothers were told by an IDF officer to destroy the plastic toy if they wanted to pass through the checkpoint.

The incident, according to Ibrahim Melhem, a spokesman for the Palestinian government, reflected a series of Israeli military measures that targeted Palestinian children, whether by killing them, arresting, injuring, or intimidating them, or even restricting their right to play during Eid Al-Fitr.

“They are trying to narrow the space for joy and spread terror and fear among children, especially during the holidays, while dozens of Palestinian children are being killed just to satisfy their desire to kill children,” Melhem added, urging the UN to look into the matter.

In Hebron, dozens of settlers coexist among Palestinian families, while the IDF provides security. It frequently abuses Palestinian citizens who pass via Israeli military checkpoints, though.

“This behavior by Israeli forces reflects the core policies of the state of Israel, which is based on suppressing and oppressing the Palestinian people and denying them, especially children, their right to dream of a better future,” said a statement from Hamas’ political department in Gaza.

“It demonstrates how much Palestinians suffer under Israeli occupation, even in simple circumstances and celebrations.” This is the definition of state terrorism.”

“This is what is happening with the children of Al-Shuhada Street,” the child’s father added. The Israeli soldier refused to give him the toy until he thoroughly wrecked it and rendered it useless.

“The child, like other children in the city, was celebrating Eid.” The children on Al-Shuhada Street, according to the Israeli military official, do not have the right to play or celebrate Eid.

“This is the law of the Israeli government, as explained to the child by the Israeli military officer at the checkpoint.”

According to Palestinians, targeting and killing Palestinian children was a systematic policy pursued by Israel’s political and military leadership and was sanctioned at the highest levels.

Since 2000, human rights organizations in Palestine have documented the deaths of 2,094 children at the hands of the IDF.

According to Palestinian reports, the IDF killed 61 Palestinian youngsters in 2022 (44 in the West Bank and 17 in Gaza), while scores were detained and are imprisoned in Israeli jails.




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