Kenya announces TFG ban on khat shipment to Somalia


The chairman of Kenya’s Miraa Khat Farmers Association has announced that an agreement has been reached with the federal government to allow the export of khat to Somalia.

He said in a press conference that khat shipments to Somalia would be reopened on Saturday, August 8, according to the agreement.

He said the terms of the agreement include:

1. To increase taxes on khat to Somalia and 1 kg ($ -3.5), while it was already taken looga ($ -1)

2-People who sell khat should stay 2 meters apart.

3-Khat users should wear protective clothing such as masks and gloves and other items related to Coronavirus infection.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the statement made by the chairman of the Miraa Khat Farmers Association in Kenya.

The DF Council of Ministers recently approved the resumption of international flights that have been suspended since the Coronavirus outbreak, and the DF said khat was not on the permitted flights.

It was five months ago when the DF stopped flights carrying Kenyan qat, and since then qat has been smuggled into Mogadishu by boat, at a much higher price.

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