It’s been three years since a British Muslim 10-year-old boy launched an initiative to raise money in London by fasting during Ramadan, but now the effort is back with a twist.


This year, the program will work with the UK-based Help Yateem, a non-profit international organization that supports orphans, to raise money for children who lost family members in the devastating earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey.

Zaavier Khan, a resident of Chingford, east London, began his campaign during the Muslim holy month alone to raise £5,000 ($6,503) for UK food parcels. Last year, he traveled to various restaurants and homes with a 15-person cooking squad.

This year, kids and adults are soliciting sponsors for a one-day food sale and using a Just Giving page to raise money.

Supporting Humanity trustee Sumaiya Khoda said, “Following the devastating impact of the earthquakes, the tremors will leave a lasting impact not just on the country but on the minds and lives of these vulnerable children.


“The emotional effects of this trauma will linger for years, long after the physical and financial costs have been tallied.

It’s hard to put into words what it would be like to lose your mom, dad, and siblings and then watch them leave while you’re stuck here with no way out.

According to Tahreem Noor, Khan’s mother, many of the kids who have participated in the annual initiative have been recognized by their schools and communities, becoming “local heroes and an inspiration” for other kids.

In his role as head of operations and communications at Supporting Humanity, Noor said, “This is my third year running this campaign with the kids.

The Ramadan Kid campaign with a genuine charity has become an annual tradition for our family.

The kids in Ramadan, as well as those in Turkey and Syria, will be thrilled to have your help.

“The Ramadan kids want to show the world what a small group of children with the passion for charity and being good humans, can do,” she continued.