The idea of a Middle Eastern military alliance constructed along the same lines as NATO is supported, according to Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

The monarch added in an interview with Hadley Gamble of CNBC that such a gathering may cooperate with nations that shared similar views, but he emphasized that its mission statement would need to be clear from the start.

“I’d want to see additional nations from the region included in that group. One among the first to support a Middle East NATO would be me, Abdullah declared.

The mission statement must be unambiguous. Otherwise, it makes everyone confused,” he continued.

Since Jordan has collaborated closely with NATO and its troops have previously engaged in combat “shoulder to shoulder,” the king declared that his nation is already a “partner” of the alliance.

A stronger alliance in the Middle East might aid in addressing the issues brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, particularly with regard to energy and commodity prices, in addition to security and military cooperation, according to Abdullah.

It’s unusual for the area, he thought, for all of us to come together and ask, “How can we help one other?”
“I’m going to be the one to pay the price if I’m fine and you’re not. I’m hopeful that 2022 will bring about a new attitude in the area that asks, “How can we connect with each other and work together? ”

The monarch also spoke about the Israel-Palestine conflict and Iran’s disruptive danger to the security of the area, both of which he claimed might thwart regional development goals.
“If they don’t communicate with one another, this leads to insecurity and instability in the region, which will have an impact on regional projects.

Nobody wants war or strife, he said, adding that it was still up in the air whether nations in the area could cooperate for a future in which “prosperity is the name of the game.”


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