Speaking to graduates of Tokyo University of Medicine and Pharmacy last week, Kuwait’s ambassador to Japan, Sami Ghassab Alzamanan, commended them for pursuing careers that required compassion, empathy, and a commitment to helping others.


Alzamanan, the governor of Miyagi Prefecture, the president of Tohoku University of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, university faculty, and the graduates’ families were all in attendance at the ceremony, where Alzamanan gave a speech praising the students for their perseverance in the face of academic adversity.

A quote from the ambassador: “The medical and health field is not only based on science, but also on humanity.”

The ambassador explained that the foundation of the longstanding partnership between Kuwait and Japan was a shared commitment to humanitarian principles and respect for human rights that predated Kuwait’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1961. Regardless of their backgrounds in terms of race, religion, or skin color, he urged the new graduates to carry on the message of humanity.

Alzamanan continued by saying that he was proud that his country’s aid to Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 had led to the creation of the “Partnership Fund with Kuwait for Medical Studies,” and by stating that universities provide an environment of intellectual freedom and human dignity, as well as fostering creation and creativity.

After wishing the students continued success, Ambassador Alzamanan reiterated that the State of Kuwait is always prepared to support bilateral work that benefits both countries.

• This piece was first published on Arab News Japan.