Man kills ex-wife in Mogadishu


More details are emerging from the horrific murder that took place yesterday afternoon in the American Wire neighborhood of Wadajir district, after a man armed with a knife killed his estranged daughter.

According to reports, the man who divorced the slain woman, Zamzam Abdiwahid Dahir, attacked her house after she refused to reunite.
Man stabbed to death in Mogadishu

The victim’s family told the media that the assailant was denied entry to the house but later broke down the doors and stabbed Zamzam, his ex-wife, to a divorce.

“At first he was denied entry to the house, but he broke down. He then grabbed my mother, who was sitting in the house, and later stabbed her in the upper body, and I fled the scene. . ”Said the baby girl of the slain mother.

Security forces managed to apprehend the man responsible for the horrific murder of his estranged wife as he tried to escape, and officials say he will be brought to justice.

The killing in Wadajir district shocked many people, and the girl who was killed was a mother of two children, and it was caused by the killer who is said to have recently divorced.

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