campaign, French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen disputed accusations from her competitor Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, who accused her of maintaining her “authoritarian” and extremist ideals.

“This (criticism) makes me grin because we have never had a president who has shown more evidence of extremism than Emmanuel Macron,” Le Pen said on France 2 television, referring to police actions against political protests such as the yellow vest movement.
In the interview, Le Pen maintained her belief that, if elected, a public referendum on restoring the death sentence might be held. She had previously stated that she would vote no on such a measure.

Separately, France’s election commission said it had asked Le Pen’s campaign for clarifications on statements it had fraudulently attributed to public officials on criminality and immigration, which is one of her main topics.

However, it stated that Le Pen did not need to revise her already printed flyers.
Le Pen described the campaign control commission’s move as a political “maneuver.”

The CNCCEP said it was investigating Le Pen’s allegations concerning a statistical increase in intentional bodily injury since 2017 and the number of immigrants who have entered France legally since that year, both of which the candidate fraudulently ascribed to the French interior ministry.

The CNCCEP said in a statement that “the Commission urged the candidate to produce a fresh version of her declaration without this attribution,” but that it would not force Le Pen’s campaign to withdraw already printed material since that would be “disproportionate.”


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