The Issa brothers, one of Britain’s richest men, have unveiled plans to build the largest Muslim cemetery in Europe in the northern part of England.

The Issa Memorial Gardens will be located west of Blackburn – a predominantly Muslim city – and will cover an area the size of 40 football fields, or 82 acres.

The country will have 35,000 burial grounds – more than 25,000 than the Garden of Peace in London, which is currently the largest Muslim cemetery in Europe. It will have 663 parking lots and a “comprehensive national planning.”
Zuber and Mohsin Issa recently made headlines by buying a stake in one of Britain’s largest supermarket chains, ASDA.

The Issa Foundation, a charitable organization that oversees cemetery programs, said in a statement that “the need for a Muslim burial ground in North West England is critical, a situation exacerbated by Covid-19.

“This proposal is a matter of public interest in the Muslim community and is very important in the North West region.”

The proposal is in the application phase, and if successful will work for Muslim communities in the region for the next 50-100 years, said the foundation, which was established in 2016 as a non-profit organization.

It has promised that if plans are approved and cemeteries are built, any profits from the provision of services will be returned to the cemetery to provide funeral services. No directors or volunteers will benefit from the cemetery.
Earlier this year, the Issa Foundation’s plan to build a “historic” mosque of 6.9 million mosques in Blackburn was approved.

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