NEWCASTLE: Eddie Howe has admitted to making a personal call on the winger Ryan Fraser, sending him down to train with the Newcastle United youth team.


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While Fraser was instrumental for Newcastle last season and while playing for AFC Bournemouth under Howe, he has been relegated to a supporting role for the rest of this season.

Despite the club’s 25-man Premier League squad being thin, Howe has decided to bench wideman Fraser, who is almost certain to leave in the offseason.

Howe confirmed that Ryan is, in fact, working out with the younger squad.

I’ve decided to put my efforts into the players who have shown their dedication to Newcastle. I’ve made that decision for the good of the team.

I think that’s a difficult one for me to answer, because I’d never put a firm decision on that, because life and football can change quickly, but, at the moment, no, he doesn’t, the head coach said when asked if former Aberdeen man Fraser has a future with the club.

Newcastle’s push to return to European football after more than a decade will continue without Fraser, but Bruno Guimaraes is one player who has become available.

The midfielder left the Carabao Cup final loss to Manchester United on crutches with an ankle injury and was later left out of Brazil’s latest international squad due to his lackluster performance at the World Cup.

However, according to Howe, the pivotal player will soon be returning to Manchester City.

‘Yeah, Bruno’s fine,’ he said. While he did experience some temporary discomfort, it had no bearing on his training.

Howe is still hoping for a European run this season, despite his team’s recent drop in the standings following a loss to Liverpool in a Premier League match.

We need to rekindle that, he said, because “in the league, we’ve stalled a little bit” due to missing a few games and not winning as many as they had hoped.

The cup final was a major diversion for us, despite our best efforts to avoid it. Not so much for me as I was preparing for games, but I’m sure the players and their families had to deal with it every time they stepped outside.

That’s over with now, and we’re right back in the thick of things in a league where we’re going to be attacking everything in sight in an effort to place as high as possible.

Meanwhile, former director Majed Al-Sorour has been removed from St. James’ Park dealings, resulting in a reorganization of Newcastle’s board of directors.

Companies House has confirmed that Abdulmajid Ahmed Alhagbani and Asmaa Mohammed Rezeeq have been appointed as directors in place of Al-Sorour. The former oversees PIF’s securities operations in the MENA region as senior manager. The latter joined PIF in 2018, and since then has held the position of senior analyst.