The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India announced on Sunday that Nupur Sharma, a BJP spokeswoman, had been suspended as a result of comments she made during a television debate concerning the Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement posted to its website, the BJP stated that it respects all religions. “Any insult to religious personalities of any religion is severely condemned by the BJP.”


Sharma said on Twitter that she said some things in reaction to comments about a Hindu god, but that she never meant to offend anyone’s religious beliefs.

“I now unconditionally withdraw my statement if my comments have caused any distress or have damaged anyone’s religious emotions,” she stated.

According to the BJP office, another representative for the party, Naveen Jindal, was expelled for statements he made about Islam on social media.


On Twitter, Jindal expressed his dissatisfaction with several anti-Hindu god remarks. “I only inquired, but that does not imply that I am anti-religious.”

“The Bharatiya Janata Party is also vehemently opposed to any ideology that degrades or denigrates any faith or religion,” the BJP statement continued. Such personalities and ideologies are not promoted by the BJP.”


Several Muslim countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, have expressed displeasure over Sharma’s comments.

Saudi Arabia criticized the statements and praised the BJP’s suspension of Sharma.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry reaffirmed the kingdom’s policy on religious and religious tolerance.

In a statement, Pakistan condemned the very insulting statements in the “strongest conceivable terms.” “Pakistan once again appeals to the world community to take serious notice of India’s gravely escalating crisis of Islamophobia,” it stated.

The Indian ambassador was called by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to a statement.


Kuwait summoned the Indian ambassador and delivered him a protest note rejecting and denouncing the BJP official’s views.


In a statement, Qatar’s foreign ministry said it welcomed the (BJP) party’s decision to suspend the official, but that it expected the Indian government to provide a public apology and an immediate rejection of the remarks.


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