Omar Mohamud Mohamed Filish, the mayor of Somalia’s most insecure city, calls for free and fair elections


Omar Mohamud Mohamed Filish, the governor of Benadir region and the mayor of Mogadishu, said they are ready to hold elections in Benadir region.

Omar Filish added that they are instead opposed to the 2016 by-elections in the current government.

“I urge the youth of Somalia to take part in the election of a person and a voice that should take place in the country so that they can play their political role in the country,” said Omar Filish.

The speaker also said that the federal government is ready to give Somali youth a role in rebuilding the country.

“Choosing indirectly some people want to have more positions, which is good in people, and you certify that the Somali government in Mogadishu to hiilineyso and require people to stand,” he said.

Omar Mohamud Mohamed Filish is the most insecure city administration in Somalia at the moment and last night alone there were 10 different attacks but it is amazing how his administration can hold elections with one person and one vote

There is a lot of controversy over the type of elections that could take place in the country by the beginning of 2021, when the term of the current leaders will end.

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