Although most individuals today seek passive income opportunities on the internet, there are still legitimate offline opportunities available. My friend is making $600 per month with minimal effort. A buddy of mine told me that he has three candy vending machines and that three different local establishments have agreed to let him keep the machines there in exchange for 10% of the profits.

He collects an average of $200 monthly from each machine in quarters. He takes about $600 monthly after taxes and spends roughly $90 on Costco candy supplies. Costing $30 per unit, per machine It takes him around 10 minutes to fill the candy bags and collect the money from each store. He is raking in between $450 and $500 every single month in cold, hard cash! Consider the implications if he had ten or twenty of these machines at his disposal.


My buddy who runs a candy vending business told me that getting retailers to agree to host the machine is the most difficult part of the business. He said that out of every twenty or thirty store managers he approaches, only one will agree to host the machine. He advised me to look for “mom and pop” shops in my area because they tend to be the most receptive to new businesses.

When I inquired where he got them, he said he ordered them from a vending machine company that ships directly to people’s homes and workplaces. Checking through a couple of the sites, I discovered that some of the devices come with a warranty. Typically, a three-container candy machine will cost you around $300. This means that after just more than a month, you will have made a profit. In conclusion, I believe this is a viable opportunity to generate residual or passive income, and I plan to explore it more. In my opinion, anyone can succeed with vending machines.